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Domestic and International Leasing Available

  1. Take the number of gallons of diesel fuel your truck consumes each month and multiply it by the current price of diesel.
  2. Take the total monthly fuel cost for each truck and multiply it by 35% (your average fuel savings using HHO)
  3. Take your fuel savings per truck each month and subtract the monthly lease payment

Voila! The difference between the monthly lease payment and the amount of money you save on fuel (for each truck) gives you the extra money you can put into your pocket by installing our HHO system.

In other words, our HHO systems pay for themselves even during the lease period! We use lease to own so that once your lease is over you pay one dollar and you own the HHO system free and clear. Now, simply add in the entire monthly fuel savings and put it directly into your pocket….or, use your new found cash to buy more trucks!

Naturally, you can also lease to own our hydrogen fueled generators. The money you save on your electricity/utility bill will generally more than cover the lease payment.

To get started, select the HHO system you wish to purchase and download the lease form. If you need assistance selecting the Hydrogen Product that is right for you, give me a call at 207-315-0315. Also, be sure to fill out and submit the inquiry form to receive my HHO Diesel Whitepaper including catalog and price list. FAX the completed lease form to the fax number on the form. Click to download:

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