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G7 leaders agree to phase out fossil fuel use by end of century


German chancellor Angela Merkel announces commitment to ‘decarbonise global economy’ and end extreme poverty and hunger.

Powergate Technologies Says… end of the century???? SERIOUSLY


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16 MW hydrogen fueled turbine




Category 1:

PRIME POWER Industrial 24 hr maximum load Hydrogen Fueled ENGINES

Special offer for the Prime Power 24 hr units with Warranty as detailed

All Prices USD

Lead time                                                         Generator Size                                                         Price Fob USA
Delivered 4 Months                                           150KW:                                                                   $180,000 FOB

(optional) Sound proof container Enclosure: $20,000 / Total: $200,000

Lead time                                                         Generator Size                                                         Price Fob USA
Delivered 4 Months                                           200KW:                                                                   $235,000 FOB (price reduced)

(optional) Sound proof container Enclosure: $20,000 / Total: $255,000

Lead time                                                         Generator Size                                                         Price Fob USA
Delivered 6 Months                                           500KW:                                                                   $575,000 FOB (price reduced)

(optional) Sound proof container Enclosure: $20,000 / Total: $595,000 FOB

Lead time                                                         Generator Size                                                         Price Fob USA
Delivered 6 Months                                           1000KW:                                                                   $1,200,000 FOB (1mw Price Same - Expect price increase soon)

(optional) Sound proof container Enclosure: $20,000 / Total: $1,220,000

The sound proof enclosure for the large industrial power plants means they have been engineered to route all cooling and heating connect to outside of the shipping container. and it is sound proofed inside and engineered to highest standard.

These units have premium engineering For 24 hr 365 day use as prime power units. Prime Power Plants are ideal for Power or Water operations and all industrial applications in remote areas.

For entry level domestic generators (to get OFF-THE-GRID) we include free enclosure.


We have to quote case by case Duration of shipping is 30-45 days by sea. We make and dispatch within 90-120 days , we provide sgs or tuv progress inspection at 60 day mark.

Payment terms Same Deposit 50% sgs 60 day mark, we book ship advise balance and payment is made prior to loading.

We track follow Deliver aid install start up and warranty witH service and parts

Category 1, Prime Power Plants are the best quality units possible.


Category 2
Low or standby operation only Hydrogen fueled engines for: 

·         Hotels ,

·         Schools,

·         Hospitals

·         Business

·         Critical Government functions like police, fire, Emergency Services standby power only

Lower grade stand power units  by here.

Whilst cheaper that will not work for prime power
and if over loaded by clients than we will have  issues with client,

Standby Power Only Non Continuous Use

Only Rpm 1000-3000 rpm These prices includes Shipping

Warranty is limited 2 year on parts and workmanship with spares provided

all prices USD

  • 25KW    $15,800  CIF
  • 50KW    $22,600   CIF
  • 75KW    $29,500  CIF
  • 100KW  $38,500 CIF
  • 230KW  $98,670  CIF
  • 300KW  $195,320 CIF
  • 500KW  $335,500   CIF   
  • 800KW  $381,320  CIF
  • 1 MW     $456,600  CIF


Clients and Inspection companies wanting o see factory or engines can only do so after an order commitment. Inspection is conducted at 60 day mark and I meet greet and show them engines.


We recommend that your company first order one or two smaller generators from 150 kw to 500 kw. Once you are satisfied with the performance and reliability of our power plants we can then work closely with you to design and build complex 1 mw to 16 mw orders.

Secure Supplies 150kw to 1 mw 

Continuous operation Engines Specs

Hydrogen /Flare Gas  Engines  Warranted Free From Defects


This Warranty applies to new Engines sold by Secure Supplies and delivered to the first User/buyer of each engine after April 1 2014 that are used in generator drive application anywhere in the world where Secure Supplies approved service is available. These Engines will have the following rated designations:


1.      Category 2
Basic/ Hydrogen Fueled/or Flare Gas Standby Power Rating 

Engines of this rating are applicable for supplying emergency power for the duration of the utility power outage. Overload capability is available for this rating. Under no condition is an engine allowed to operate in parallel with the public utility at the standby power rating. This Rating should be applied where reliable utility power is available. A standby rated engine is to be sized for a maximum of an 80 percent average load factor and 200 hours of operation per year. This includes less than 25 hrs per year at the standby Power rating. 

Standby Rating should never be applied except in true emergency power outages. Negotiated power outages contracted with a utility company are not considered an emergency.


2.      Category 1
Best way to use engines. /Hydrogen Fueled or flare Gas Unlimited Time Running Prime Power Rating. 

Engines with this rating are available for an unlimited number of hours per year in a variable load application.

Variable load is not to exceed a 70 percent average of the prime power rating during any period of 250 hours. Total operating time at 100 percent Prime Power shall not exceed 500 hours per year. 


A 10 percent overload capability is available for a period of one hour with a twelve hour period of operation. Total operating time at the 10 percent overload power shall not exceed 25 hours per year. 


3.      Limited Version / Hydrogen Fueled or Flare Gas Limited Time running prime power Rating.

Engines with this rating are available for a limited number of hours in a non variable load application. It is intended for use in situations where power outages are contracted, such as in a utility power curtailment. Engines may be operated in parallel to the public utility up to 750 hours per year at power levels never to exceed the prime power rating. Limited time running prime power ratings differ from Unlimited time running in that even though the maximum power output of the engines are the same,the limited time running allows the engine to be parallel to the public Utility and run at the full prime power rating and must never exceed the Prime power rating. 


4.Hydrogen Fueled or Flare Gas Continuous / Base Power Rating 

Engines with this rating are available for supplying utility power at a constant 100 Percent load for an unlimited number of hours per year. No overload is available for this rating. The Continuous /Base Power rating differs from the Unlimited time Running prime Power ratings in that the Continuous/base load ratings are significantly reduced from the prime power rating. Continuous/Base load ratings have no load factor or application restrictions. 


Coverage For Prime Power category 1

Base Warranty

This Warranty covers any failures of the engine under normal use and service, which result from a defect in material or factory workmanship (warrantable failure)  


Coverage begins with the sale of the engine by Secure Supplies and continues for the duration stated below. The Duration commences either on the date of delivery of the engine to the first user /buyer, or on the date the engine has been deployed on its first lease, rented, loaned or when the engine has been operated for 50 hours, whichever occurs first.


Base Engine Warranty Offered

Duration below is whichever some first hrs vs months


Standby Power                          24 month           400 hrs

Unlimited Prime power               12 months           unlimited hrs 

Limited Prime Power                 12 Months            750 hrs

Continuous Base Power             12 Months            Unlimited 


BONUS Extended Warranty for Major Components included

The extended major components Warranty applies to all Secure Supplies Engines

using the advanced Valve and fueling systems for Continuous operations 24 hrs. 

And Covers warrantable failures of the Engine Cylinder Block, Camshaft,crankshaft and connecting rods(covered parts). Bushing and bearing failures are not covered.This BONUS  Coverage begins with the expiration of the Base Engine Warranty and continues for the following stated Duration.

The Duration commences either on the date of delivery of the engines to the first user, or on the date the engines is first leased, rented or loaned, or when the engine has been operated for 50 hours, which ever occurs first.


Extended Major Components Warranty 


Duration Which Ever Occurs First 


Rating                                     Months                                              Hours 


Standby Power                                                                         36 Months                                                                                              600 hrs 

Unlimited Prime Power                                                              36 Months                                                                                       10,000 Hours

Limited Prime Power                                                              36 Months                                                                                              2,250 Hours

Continuous / Base Power                                                        36 Months                                                                                             10,000 Hours




Consumer Products 


This Warranty on consumer products is the United States is a LIMITED warranty. Secure Supplies is not responsible for incidental or Consequential damages. Any implied warranties applicable to consumer

products terminate concurrently with the expiration of the express warranties applicable to the product. In the United States, some states do not allow the exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the limitations or exclusions herein may not apply to you. 


These warranties are made to all owners in the chain of distribution, and Coverage continues to all subsequent owners until the end of the periods of coverage. 

Annex Provided on purchase

  • Secure Supplies Responsibilities
  • Owners Responsibilities 
  • Limitations


Category 2 standby power engines is just basic workmanship warranty and we give parts 2 years for standby power units.

 I look forward to working with you to commence first production deliveries together to your clients.


Warm Regards

David Davies


Powergate Technologies, LLC

Newcastle, Maine 04553



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